Batman: Reptilian #4

DC Black Label

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Liam Sharp

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: Batman meets with Killer Croc regarding the recent events in Gotham.

Batman finds an injured Killer Croc in his lair. He then proceeds to enlighten a baffled Killer Croc on the nature of his condition. The two then have an enlightening conversation in which Batman breaks down why the many villains in Gotham City have been attacked in brutal form. Finally, a disturbing entity arrives, leaving Batman and Killer Croc to make an important decision.

The Story: This chapter reveals the identity of the monster attacking Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals. I have to be honest. Even though this story is well crafted and makes perfect sense, I feel a bit let down by the mystery’s reasonable answer. I was hoping for something darker in origin. I was also surprised by the relative humanity displayed by this version of the Dark Knight. Although his assessments were clinical, they were without the coldness and derision I anticipated. I’m very interested in how this story will wrap up and what, if any, consequences will be faced by the true villain of this story.

The Art: As always, the artwork in this edition is superb. The attention to detail and dark color work make for an eerie and immersive experience. I feel the tone of this story is perfectly captured by its visual representation.

Batman: Reptilian #4



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