Batman One Bad Day: Ras Al Ghul #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Ivan Reis

Inks by Danny Miki

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Ras Al Ghul has a new tactic for saving the world, but there is still one person standing in his way.

Ras Al Ghul contemplates the circumstances that created the man he is today as he emerges from a Lazarus Pit and begins the next part of his plan to save the world. A plan that he will lead the next leg of in the field as he and the League make their way to the coast of Gotham. Unfortunately, their plan attracts the attention of Batman who begins to put the pieces together.

Anticipating the Detective’s interest, Ras makes the bold move of kidnapping Damian and luring Batman to his base. An act that will lead to a dramatic confrontation and a series of choices that will decide the fate of the world.

The Story: An exciting, insightful and thrilling story from Taylor. The story offers not only some great insight into Ras Al Ghul and his motivations, but it also gives some great context and layers to his relationship with not only Batman, but Ras’ own family. His concepts of right and wrong are multifaceted and that makes him and this story more intriguing and engaging as you dive deeper into it. Taylor allows for the complexity of Ras’ motivations to come through and that creates a story where you feel conflicted at times almost to the point of rooting for him to succeed. A great complicated story for a complicated and often conflicted time.

The Art: Ivan Reis delivers some beautifully detailed and visually immersive art throughout the issue. The imagery is both beautiful and brutal at times and I loved the expressive moments with characters as well as the blistering action.

Batman One Bad Day: Ras Al Ghul #1



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