Batman: One Bad Day Mr. Freeze #1

DC Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Matteo Scalera

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Batman and Robin attempt to give Victor Fries the chance to save his wife.

Victor and Nora Fries live a quiet life, but Victor’s obsession with his work causes issues in the marriage that Nora begins to notice even as she begins to get sick. Years later, Batman and Robin take down a dangerous criminal targeting carolers during the holidays. In the aftermath, Robin questions Batman about whether any of the criminals that they bring in have the ability to change.

Batman decides to go after the one criminal he believes can be saved given the right circumstances and confronts Mr. Freeze with a proposal that could help him save his wife. During the course of Freeze’s research and Batman’s investigation, the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder discover the dark truth behind Victor’s freezing of Nora and race to confront him during a dark and dangerous winter.

The Story: An engaging and dark tale from Duggan that adds an interesting twist to the Mr. Freeze story as it explores the truth of his motivations. I really enjoyed how unique and different the story is and how it requires Batman to take a different approach in stopping him. There are great moments that show how interesting a criminal Freeze is and how he’s been able to fool others into sympathizing with him.

The Art: Scalera brings a beautifully stylized tone to the art in the issue. Having the story take place during winter allows for a new look at the environment and Scalera delivers visuals that give the reader the feeling of being in the cold and dark of a city in winter.

Batman: One Bad Day Mr. Freeze #1



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