Batman Incorporated #12

DC Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by John Timms

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: As the team makes a final assault against Joker Incorporated, Ghost-Maker makes a decision.

With all of the Joker Incorporated members wired to explode and take out the hostages they’ve taken, Batman Incorporated members race to separate them. As they work to both deactivate the bombs and save the hostages, Ghost-Maker makes a decision that is the reverse of what he promised Batman.

In the aftermath, Ghost-Maker must make a decision about whether or not he can follow Batman’s rules while the rest of the team determine what they want to do next.

The Story: The resolution of this arc feels anticlimactic. Brisson has created a great buildup of the conflict and the characters just for everything to fall flat at the end. The action is great, but the resolution of the Joker Incorporated storyline doesn’t live up to the stories that came before it. Even the resolution with Ghost-Maker doesn’t work because it gets reduced to a single speech and moment that are utterly forgettable. I think this team and story deserved a better ending.

The Art: Timms delivers some great art in the issue and I loved the visual style of the series.

Batman Incorporated #12



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