Batman and Robin #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Simone Di Meo

Colors by Simone Di Meo

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: With few allies left, Bruce and Damian continue their war on crime.

Crime in Gotham City continues to change, but Batman’s commitment to ending it hasn’t. Teaming up with his son Damian, Batman and Robin take to the skies of Gotham to bring down White Rabbit. As they return home, the tension between father and son remains.

After determining that one of the released hostages might still be a target, Batman and Robin race to rescue him and discover that Croc and some others have already targeted the man along with a mystery villain who has something special planned for Batman.

The Story: An exciting, entertaining and action packed debut issue from Williamson. I love that the series is staying with the current Gotham War storyline and doesn’t shy away from the conflict between Bruce and Damian. Williamson finds an interesting balance between the crime fighting partnership and the father/son conflict. A balance that makes the story more engaging and something I look forward to seeing explored throughout the series.

The Art: Di Meo delivers some beautifully stylish and visually engaging art throughout the issue. The visual style is brilliant and is perfectly balanced with both the characters and the action.

Batman and Robin #1



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