Batman Fortress #5

DC Comics

Written by Gary Whitta

Art by Darick Robertson

Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: In order to locate the Fortress of Solitude, Batman will enlist a new team. 

The planet is still in the midst of a worldwide blackout and people are trying to do what they can to survive day by day. One of those people is Jackson, who is hiding the fact that not only is he not from the surface world, but that the blackout is not affecting Atlantis or its people. When Batman arrives looking for help, Jackson agrees in order to save the one person who stood by his side. 

Batman continues his recruitment mission by enlisting the help of Emiko Queen. A task that will not come cheap. After assembling his team, Batman and the others head to the depths of the sea with Lex and the US military to locate the fortress. Unfortunately, Batman’s mistrust of their benefactor could prove dangerous to the mission and the missing man of steel. 

The Story: Entertaining, engaging and consistently intriguing. Whitta continues to craft a Batman story that has a great mystery at its heart and feels genuinely unique in how its characters are portrayed and interact. The world of the story continues to be interesting as well and I continue to be impressed with the mystery and intrigue throughout. I really enjoyed the ending of the issue and what it means for the story going forward. 

The Art: Robertson delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The visuals are dark, detailed and as exciting as the story.  

Batman Fortress #5



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