Batman Catwoman Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by John Paul Leon, Bernard Chang, Shawn Crystal and Mitch Gerads

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Christmas and Catwoman intertwine in a story about Selina’s life and the love of it.

A young Selina Kyle is found on the streets as a baby and raised within the walls of an orphanage founded by one of the most prominent families in Gotham. A family who has a little boy that she will feel a connection with that grows stronger when his parents are taken from him. Soon she leaves the abusive environment of the orphanage and decides to strike out on her own on the streets of Gotham. A move that will bring her to the underworld of the city figuratively and literally.

As she grows, she finds herself becoming a darker version of herself and the holidays becoming darker as well. With stints in Arkham behind her, she begins to embrace her dark side and her frequent run-ins with Batman. Run-ins that will establish the complicated nature of their relationship. A relationship that will grow, evolve and ensnare a new generation.

The Story: King crafts a beautifully detailed and emotional story with both Catwoman and Christmas as the focus. The story has some wonderful character moments for Selina and the evolution of both her character and her relationship with Bruce is fantastic. I enjoyed the evolution of her relationship with her fellow rogues as well and her mother/daughter relationship was both sweet and engaging.

The Art: John Paul Leon and the rest of the artists deliver some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. There are some beautiful, emotional moments that are driven home by the gorgeously detailed art in the issue.

Batman Catwoman Special #1



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