Batman Catwoman #11

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Clay Mann

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Catwoman deals with her complicated relationship with her daughter as she remembers her complicated relationship with Batman.

Helena is tracking down a villain when she gets a call from Dick Grayson inquiring about what happened between her and her mother. Not satisfied with the response, Helena returns home to an unexpected visitor. In the past, Selina decides to start helping Bruce more in his fight by taking on some of this enemies and leading him to one of the worst.

Andrea recounts what happened to her after her last encounter with the Joker and why she allowed him to get away. A decision she regrets and one that will lead her to a desperate decision.

The Story: King continues to craft a wonderfully layered story that flows from different time periods to different perspectives brilliantly. The issue has a wonderful balance between Selina’s story and Helena’s and both parts of the story come together for a beautiful, cathartic moment for the characters. An impressive story with great heart, surprises and a dark undertone that keeps the reader on edge as the tension of the story unfolds between its characters.

The Art: Clay Mann delivers some beautifully detailed panels on every page of the issue. The style is perfect for the story and every page has something to capture the reader visually from either the character design to the emotion.

Batman Catwoman #11



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