Batman Beyond the White Knight #8

DC Comics

Written by Sean Murphy

Art by Sean Murphy

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Bruce and his team take on Derek Powers for the fate of the city.

It’s all out war against Derek Powers as Bruce and his team fight alongside the GCPD to bring down Powers. With the heroes taking out multiple enemies, Bruce leads his team into the tower to find Harley’s daughter. With the Jack Napier AI helping them along the way, they manage to breach the defenses, but Powers isn’t done yet.

Deploying his experimental Batman mechs to stop the heroes, Bruce must finally embrace his legacy if he has any chance at survival. At the same time, Terry must decide what kind of Batman he wants to be when he confronts Powers and Jack has a reunion with Jackie.

The Story: Murphy crafts an action packed, intense and fun finale for this story. The world of these characters continues to be a unique ride for fans and I love the character moments as well as the great action beats. I think the character realizations are awesome and I love how the story transitions into some new mysteries with new characters that make me excited to see what’s next for this Batman and his mission.

The Art: Murphy delivers some beautiful art on every page of the issue. The visuals are vibrant, exciting and brilliantly detailed.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #8



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