Batman Beyond the White Knight #2

DC Comics

Written by Sean Murphy

Art by Sean Murphy

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Terry McGinnis makes a deal to protect the city and Bruce Wayne deals with his broken family and an odd ally.

Terry McGinnis’ journey to steal the new bat suit begins with the hunt for the murderer of his father and his first run in with Dick Grayson and the GTO. A meeting that will put the angry young man in the employ of Derek Powers as they work on a secret project that will protect Neo-Gotham. At the same time, Dick Grayson continues to alienate his dwindling list of allies.

Bruce Wayne’s escape becomes more complicated when he discovers that the visions of Jack in his head are neither hallucinations nor ghosts. Visions that offer to help him after Bruce is tracked down by Dick and barely manages to stop his former protégé. In the aftermath, Bruce returns to a safe house to gear up and is discovered by a familiar face.

The Story: Murphy continues to craft an entertaining and compelling story. The complications Bruce has to deal with in this issue are interesting and have some intriguing implications for the rest of the story, especially Bruce’s interactions with Harley. The twist at the end of the issue was brilliantly done. Dick’s story is interesting as well and his turn has me intrigued. Terry’s story is still waiting to develop beyond being a tweak to his origin in the animated series.

The Art: Murphy delivers some fantastic art in this issue. I love the action and character designs a lot. One of my favorite artistic choices is to constantly have Bruce’s shadow be that of Batman. It’s a great choice that serves the story and characters perfectly.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #2



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