Bryan Edward Hill has been killing it lately with his run on Detective Comics and with his run coming to an end on that title, Hill has found a way to spin the story he began in that series to a new title with a familiar name.


Bryan Edward Hill is at the helm of the releaunch of Batman and the Outsiders, which will debut at the end of this year. Dexter Soy will handle the art for the series which sees Batman create a new team featuring his extended family members and led by Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning. The team will consist of Orphan, The Signal and Suicide Squad member Katanna.


Hill seemingly confirmed the new title with both his Detective run’s title “On The Outside” and in an interview with The Washington Post.  “All I’ll say is, it is a team book with Batman in it, but the safety is off. Hopefully it will be surprising and thrilling in ways that I don’t think people will quite expect. I’m becoming known a bit for a certain kind of intensity in my work and I think this Outsiders project will also continue on in that pathway.” he said.

Black Lightning’s creator Tony Isabella expressed his disappointment in the direction DC Comics is taking the character and weighed in on Twitter with his thoughts.

Are you excited for the return of Batman and the Outsiders? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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