Batman #97

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Jorge Jimenez

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Joker prepares the next stage of his war on Gotham as Batman fights both internal and external ghosts of his past.


There is a new vigilante stalking the Narrows in Gotham City and this one isn’t taking his cues from Batman. He has no problem killing and Joker’s forces are scared. Punchline goes to her boss with the news, but the Clown Prince of Crime is amused by the new addition as he begins the next phase of his plan.

Batman has his own problems as he fights off an army of animated corpses with both the real voice of the Joker taunting and the drug induced one of Alfred trying to help him. Bruce will have to focus if he’s going to survive and his survival might have to come at the hands of Harley Quinn.

The Story: The story is getting more intense and there are some new elements being added by James Tynion IV that make the story more interesting as it unfolds. The introduction of the Clownkiller is well done and worth exploring. Batman still dealing with the effects of the toxin in his system is handled well. Harley’s presence in the story continues to be engaging, but I want to see her not only confront Punchline again, but Joker himself. I like seeing how Joker and his goons are using the Wayne fortune, but I still am not seeing how the lack of that resource is affecting Bruce. Other than not having access to the cave or his other bases, he really doesn’t seem to be hurting for tech and gadgets.

The Art: Jorge Jimenez’s art is surreal, beautiful and well balanced with the tone of the story. The characters look amazing and the action is fantastic. I was blown away by the fight in the theater as well as Bruce’s journey into his own madness towards the end of the issue. I can’t wait to see what JImenez does next visually.

Batman #97




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