Batman #91

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Rafael Albuquerque, Jorge Jimenez, Carlo Pagulayan and Danny Miki

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: In order to save the city, Batman will have to stop playing the Designer’s game and change the rules. But it might be too late.


Batman decides to call off the drones attacking Deathstroke and go after the assassin himself. After cutting off Harley’s access, Batman takes the assassin to the highest point in the city and does something unexpected; he appeals to the man for help. Laying out his failings to Slade, Bruce asks for the time he needs to do what he should have been doing for the city all along. Unfortunately, the Designer has other plans and that leaves Batman and Deathstroke facing off against a new threat from an old enemy.

At the same time, Catwoman and Harley barely escape Riddler’s base and Selina decides that if she’s going to beat the Designer, she’s going to have to complete his part of her plan before he does. To make matters worse, Joker is sitting back biding his time while he moves his own pieces into position to start a new game.

The Story: Taut and intense, James Tynion IV brings an immediacy to the story and action in this issue. The action doesn’t let up for a minute and everything feels like a new and exciting challenge for the Dark Knight. With everything on the line, including his fortune and future, Batman is put into a unique position where he has to change tactics if he has a hope of success and Tynion IV puts some interesting and brilliant challenges in front of him that make this issue dynamic and entertaining to read.

The Art: All of the artists bring their unique styles to the art in this issue. While some of the panels showcase beautiful backgrounds and details, some focus on energy and movement as the action picks up. Each page brings something great to this issue.

Batman #91




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