759906._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Batman #69

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Yanick Paquette

Colors by Nathan Fairbairn

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Dark Knight Detective begins to finally emerge as Batman continues to fall deeper into the nightmare designed for him.

In order to get to the truth and find a way to wake from this nightmare, Bruce has finally discovered the one person in his life who will force him to face something he’s always been afraid of, Selina. Selina’s presence in the nightmare continues to force him to confront the one thing he doesn’t want to see about himself; that he’s sacrificed the possibility of love for the sake of his mission. It’s a realization he’s been avoiding for too long and only through confronting it can he possibly counteract the fear toxin coursing through his veins.


At the same time another battle is taking place as the two men responsible for Batman’s current predicament have their regular sparring session. Both Bane and Thomas Wayne have decided that Gotham is their target and they’ve been working together to remove Bruce from the occasion for their own reason. When Bane decides to make his move on Thomas to take him out of the equation, he learns that this Batman has some lethal tricks up his sleeve.

Tom King crafts a beautifully haunting finale for his Knightmares arc. Connecting this back to the Bat/Cat wedding was a great idea and the way he utilizes that moment is chilling in its honesty and revelations. This was a very emotional arc from start to finish and I can’t wait to see what type of Batman emerges from this trauma as well as how he utilizes it in what is shaping up to be a very personal fight going forward.

The art by Yanick Paquette is amazing. The panels depicting Bruce and Selina dancing through his trauma are engaging. They grab the reader’s eye and move it across the panels almost in a dance itself. Well done.

Batman #69




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