large-5753327Batman #67

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Lee Weeks and Jorge Fornes

Colors by Lovern Kindzierski

Letters by Clayton Cowles

There is a dead man on a rooftop in Gotham and Batman is face to face with the killer. Saying nothing to each other, the chase begins. The killer’s escape is full of daring chances, close calls and destructive foolhardy chances. Batman is keeping up with and matching the killer’s movements as the chase takes them from the top of the city to the sewers beneath it.


When the Dark Knight finally catches up with his quarry, the final reveal is both interesting and sublime with a conclusion that will make you laugh out loud as well as make you think about the legacy of Batman and his mission.

This issue of Batman is one of the most beautifully surreal, insane rides I’ve taken since Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run. It’s so simple, pure and perfectly executed from start to finish. A finish that is entertaining, ridiculous and inspired all at the same time. With a minimum of dialogue and no exposition or narration, Tom King is able to tell an engaging, emotional, thrilling and entertaining story in this issue. Not only does it have a great surprise ending, but it highlights a part of the Dark Knight’s existence in a clever way.

The art by Lee Weeks and Jorge Fornes is fantastic. With the dialogue kept to a minimum and no narration, the art has to pull double duty in telling the story and both artists deliver. The art is visually stunning and the progression of the story is told with grace and beauty through the pace and detail of the panels.

Batman #67




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