batman63Batman #63

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mikel Janin

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Clayton Cowles

In a callback to issue fifty, Bruce is standing on a rooftop in his suit waiting for Selina. Instead of leaping from the precipice into his heartbreak, Catwoman shows up and the two of them decide to get married.


As the two of them go through their new life and husband and wife, a nagging voice in Bruce’s mind keeps trying to tell him that something isn’t right with the world. That voice belongs to John Constantine. The sorcerer spends the issue trying to break Bruce of the delusion that he has happily accepted as his life and refuses to leave. Every scene of domestic bliss and action only makes the reality of what John is telling him more painful to witness and the end of the issue only confirms that things are worse than he imagined.

I can honestly say that I am loving every one of these issues. So far, all three parts of this Knightmares storyline have been inspired, surreal and interesting on several levels. Tom King has crafted a story that is getting deeper and deeper into the psyche of Bruce Wayne and each layer it peels back becomes a new and intriguing descent into darkness. Having everything that is Batman stripped away from him is exposing some new and interesting character traits. I can’t wait to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes and where and how Bruce will emerge from it.

Mikel Janin has some excellent art in this issue and the way he draws Bruce and Selina is inspired.

Batman #63




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