batman-62-preview-cover_0Batman #62

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mitch Gerards

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Batman finds himself in a surrealistic nightmare at the hands of Professor Pyg.

Evaluate and Reassess are the buzzwords used throughout this issue. After the dramatic events of the last issue, Batman wakes up bound, bloody and at the mercy of Pyg. What follows is a Dark Knight Detective putting all of his skills to the test to determine where he is and how he gets out.


He still has his wits, his skills and his gadgets, but there is something to this encounter with Pyg that is different, he can’t hear him. The only things he can hear are his own thoughts and the stakes and danger seem to increase with everything that he tries. Even as he fights for his life, Bruce thinks about his last encounter with Bane and how everyone in his life is not safe. What follows is a conclusion that opens another psychological door for Batman as he tries to understand what is happening to him.

While the ending was a little confusing, Tom King delivered an emotional rollercoaster with this issue. The thought processes of Batman is always interesting ground to cover and King does a great job of showcasing Batman’s confidence, reason and deductive skills. Even at his most desperate, Batman is always pushing himself to win. It’s an incredibly interesting issue that makes me immediately interested in where the story goes next.

The art by Mitch Gerards is brutal and breathtaking. There is visceral emotion in each panel and the terror and confusion on Batman’s face is amazingly rendered. Brilliant art from first panel to last page. I loved it.

Batman #62




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