Batman #144

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Sorrentino

Inks by Stefano Nesi and Andrea Sorrentino

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez and Dave Stewart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Joker’s first year in Gotham will leave its mark on both Batman and Jim Gordon.

In the future, Batman finds himself facing the infected members of his family. As he drives them off, he continues his investigation into the Joker’s clues and discovers a connection to a former police commissioner. A connection that will lead to a cure and a serious doubt from the mind of the Dark Knight.

In the past, Gordon returns to the precinct while Bruce waits for another attack. Gordon finds himself facing off against an army of corrupt cops and discovers the leader of the Red Hoods is someone powerful within the force.

The Story: Zdasrky continues to craft an interesting story that does a great job of tying its two time periods thematically. I still don’t particularly like the Joker storyline because it takes away the essence of a man of pure chaos and essentially turns him into the anti-Batman which diminishes the character and the mystery that makes him menacing. It’s still a good story with some great action.

The Art: Camuncoli and Sorrentino deliver some fantastic art in the issue as both parts of the story complement each other visually.

Batman #144



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