Batman #139

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zadarsky

Art by Jorge Jimenez

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Disconnected from his allies and tricks, Batman begins a new mission in Gotham, hunting an old foe.

Batman has disconnected from his network of allies and is truly working alone. Something Zur supports completely. Joker has returned and is leaving some telling clues for the Dark Knight. Clues that reveal he knows everything about Bruce’s past and has something special planned for him.

Batman’s investigation will lead him into a trap. One that both Joker and Zur use to their advantage as Bruce finds himself on the outside looking in as his alter-ego asserts control.

The Story: Zdarsky crafts a dark, compelling and entertaining story in this issue. The Batman/Zur dynamic continues to be an interesting one to explore and adding Joker into the mix is a great idea that beautifully ramps up the drama and suspense throughout the story. I like the darker tone the story is taking and look forward to seeing what Zdarsky explores next for the character.

The Art: Jimenez delivers beautifully detailed and visually immersive art throughout the issue. The art style and compositions position Jimenez as one of my favorite Batman artists for both character and action.

Batman #139



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