Batgirls #14

DC Comics

Written by Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad

Art by Jonathan Case

Colors by Jonathan Case

Letters by Jonathan Case

The Rundown: Cassandra Cain investigates the disappearance of Stephanie Brown.

Batgirl breaks into the evidence room of the Gotham City Police Department. After retrieving vital information, she heads out into the city where she has a run in with someone very familiar. Later, at the Batgirls headquarters, she reads a letter from Stephanie that yields important information. Finally, Batgirl heads to secluded location and makes a discovery.

The Story: The aptly titled “The Rest Is Silence” is a cleverly created narrative that uses no voice narrative. I found this method of storytelling riveting. With her family missing, Cassie’s quiet search encapsulates both the loneliness and directness of focus that frames her current mindset. It makes Stephanie’s letter that much more profound. The stark contrast between Stephanie’s tone and unyielding silence in my opinion symbolizes the love of life and humor that the two Batgirls bring to each other. I was very impressed with the amount of care taken and I must say, this is my favorite episode of the series. I eagerly await what happens next.

The Art: This illustration in this story is crafted in a modern, realistic comic styling. Although the action scenes are intense, I was particularly captivated by the quieter scenes where the attention to character expression and form taps into the readers emotions. I was also very impressed with the lettering and how it clearly demarcated the different forms of media used in the story. Overall, I found this issue to be cleverly handled and beautifully fulfilled.

Batgirls #14



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