Batgirl #47

DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: With the Joker War in full swing, Barbara gets a late night visitor who wants something only she can provide.


Barbara returns home to the news that things are happening in Gotham. As she tries to relax, she realizes that something is wrong and soon finds herself face to face with Joker who knows who she is. After confronting the clown, Barbara finds herself helpless when Joker shuts off her implant. Unfortunately for Joker, Barbara is not as helpless as he thinks.

Joker needs Barbara to give him information about Bruce’s backup files and Batgirl does her best to buy herself time to both call for help and formulate a plan to fight back. With everyone she cares about being threatened by the Joker, Barbara will have to try something unexpected if she plans to escape.

The Story: The story is good. There are some interesting thematic and dialogue moments between the characters and Castellucci does a great job of recapping their history and the emotions involved in it from Barbara’s perspective. The story seemed to lack a lot of the menace and fear that Joker exudes and while the plot was interesting, I never got a sense that there was a practical reason for this part of the bigger Joker War.

The Art: Robbi Rodriguez does an excellent job with the art. The style is kinetic and full of energy. Every moment featuring Barbara was great and she looked amazing in contrast to Joker who never visually seemed as scary as he does in other incarnations.

Batgirl #47




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