Basketful of Heads #5

DC Comics

Written by Joe Hill

Art by Leomacs and Riccardo La Bella

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: June will discover the depths of the conspiracy she’s been thrown in as well as secrets about the man she loves.


June has been captured by the the sheriff’s son and is being tortured for information about a missing tape. Not knowing anything about the situations she’s found herself in, she plays for time and gets him to tell her everything that has led to this rainy night on the island and the information is shocking.

After learning that Liam has been keeping secrets from her, secrets that could get them both killed, June decides to try a desperate gambit to stay alive and get back to the axe in the bed of the truck she stole. Unfortunately, it might not be enough.

The Story: Consistently tense and entertaining, Joe Hill continues to flesh out an engaging and interesting world for these characters to inhabit. Not only does the story keep the reader engaged, but the plot moves in a way where you can’t predict what will happen next. There is great tension throughout this story and it will be interesting to see where it goes next and how it reveals some of the deeper mysteries including the axe and its connection to the events of the story.

The Art: Leomacs and La Bella deliver some stunning visuals throughout this issue and I love how the art styles change in the flashbacks. This is a great looking issue and the art perfectly captures the tension and terror of the plot.

Basketful of Heads #5




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