Basketful of Heads #4

DC Comics

Written by Joe Hill

Art by Leomacs

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: June will discover that everyone on Brody Island has secrets and the people she’s looking to for help could be the biggest threat she’s faced.


Coming out of her daze with a local “good samaritan” preparing to beat to her death, June realizes she needs to act fast if she’s going to survive this latest attack. Fighting off her attacker, a bolt of lightning hits the axe she’s carrying and another severed head makes its way into her collection.

Unfortunately, this latest talking head plants seeds of doubt in the young woman’s mind that she did the right thing lopping off his head and June’s doubt will send her into town in the man’s truck to find the sheriff. When she reaches his office and finds his helpful son there, she begins to feel safer until he reveals that no one on the island can be trusted.

The Story: The latest issue takes some fun and interesting turns as June’s predicament becomes more precarious and the list of threats keeps getting longer. Joe Hill moves the story forward masterfully with engaging dialogue and characters. The dangers all around her keep the story fresh and interesting with each issue and the mysteries continuing to form and evolve make it consistently worth reading. Hill makes the story suspenseful while keeping some lightness in the overall plot.

The Art: Leomacs mixes both the beautiful and the grotesque brilliantly in this issue. The details in each panel are fantastic and the art moves deftly along with the story. There is a sense of momentum in the art that is propelling the story forward.

Basketful of Heads #4




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