Avengers: Twilight #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Daniel Acuna

Colors by Daniel Acuna

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Steve takes on a dangerous mission to rescue a friend.

With the future still in peril and Steve trying to help as much as he can, he decides that the thing he and the Defenders needs is Tony Stark. Unfortunately, Tony’s remains are being used by the government and his body is being kept at the one place designed to be impenetrable, the Raft.

After taking an old quin-jet and a willing pilot along with him, Steve infiltrates the Raft and discovers what’s left of Tony Stark before being confronted by the new Iron Man in form of Tony’s son who wants them both dead.

The Story: Zdarsky is really impressing me in this series. I have my issues with stories that deal with heroes losing everything to a fanatical government, but this story continues to impress me with how true it stays to the essence of the characters. There’s some great action and tension in the story as well as some great surprises that make the story more compelling.

The Art: Acuna does amazing work with the art in the issue. The visuals are gritty, engaging and beautifully detailed throughout.

Avengers: Twilight #3



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