Avengers: Twilight #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Daniel Acuna

Colors by Daniel Acuna

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Steve Rogers attempts to rally the people as the forces that control the country prepare for the next part of their plan.

After being revitalized by a new super soldier serum, Steve Rogers returns as Captain America. Unfortunately, the new Avengers continue to hold the population’s attention and Jarvis and Stark decide to send in the Thunderbolts to take care of Steve and his Defenders.

A plan to show the country the truth takes a dark turn when Steve and the others are attacked. Things get more dangerous for the Defenders when Steve’s speech falls on deaf ears, Jarvis recruits Tony’s son to embrace his legacy and the truth behind Jarvis is revealed.

The Story: Zdarsky creates a compelling and interesting story in this issue. I hold firm to my stance against “final” adventures for characters, but this one was entertaining in how it portrays the characters and their interpersonal conflicts. There were some moments I predicted, but the story was filled with enough surprises and reveals to make me interested in seeing what happens next.

The Art: Acuna delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The imagery is visually engaging and immersive on every page and panel.

Avengers: Twilight #2



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