Avengers #50

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder

Art by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness and Javier Garron

Colors by Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth and Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: A deal is made that will forever alter the multiverse and the age of heroes.

A couple finds the Orb standing in their bedroom with a proposition for them and limited time as he has important things to witness. In the past, Ka-Zar finds himself facing off against a young Thanos who is intent on stopping the evolution of humanity at any cost. He will soon discover that the Earth of the past has its own heroes who come to his aid. In the present, the current Avengers team is dealing with the gamma bomb the Russians have detonated near Atlantis. What they don’t know at the time is that Jennifer absorbed the power of the bomb saving the undersea population of the city.

In the aftermath, the team takes She-Hulk back to the mountain to treat her. With the mountain disabled, they are working against the clock to find a way to siphon off the excess gamma radiation affecting Jennifer. She-Hulk finds herself fighting an internal battle as her team tries to find a way to help her. In order to save both herself and the mountain, Jennifer makes a difficult choice. In the past, a familiar face watches the events with young Thanos unfold and in the aftermath, makes a deal with the devil. A deal that will ripple across the multiverse.

The Story: There is a lot of story in this issue. The plots brilliantly intersect with each other and brings some arcs to an end while gearing up the reader for bigger arcs to come. To reveal too much would spoil the scope and scale of this story and the ones to come, but I will say that this issue was a satisfying and entertaining read with some heavy and intriguing plots being teased throughout. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

The Art: All of the artists deliver some great visual moments throughout the issue. The character designs look amazing and there are some awesome action moments to be found.

Avengers #50



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