Avengers #46

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Javier Garron

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The Avengers face betrayal as an enemy force targets one of their own.

In the aftermath of their latest adentures, the Avengers have returned to their mountain. Unfortunately, Tony discovers that there is comething wrong with the systems within the Celestial. What he doesn’t know is that they have tampered with from the inside. Someone Stark trusted has betrayed the team and opened a portal to allow the Winter Guard to enter the base.

Their mission: to find and capture She-Hulk for her actions in Russia during the war for the Phoenix. The coordinated attack finds the Avengers off guard and Jennifer vulnerable. In the aftermath, She-Hulk will find herself in a dark place with a foreign government preparing to use her for their own purposes.

The Story: Aaron crafts a good story for Jennifer that touches on her issues with identity and power. That is showcased in the scene between she and Carol. I like how the Starbrand is coming into her own with the team as well and the conflict that is developing. There are a lot of great story moments throughout the issue and I like what this story and arc are building to.

The Art: Garron delivers some great art throughout the issue. There are not only well designed and detailed character moments, but also great action and scale throughout.

Avengers #46



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