Avengers #44

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Javier Garron

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: It’s all come down to this. The new Phoenix has risen.

The battle for control of the Phoenix Force continues as Black Panther tries to convince Steve that, despite the risks, a new Phoenix might be exactly what they need to deal with the upcoming threats facing the world. The battles with the others continue to rage across the world and the Winter Guard is called in just in time to see the brutal fight against She-Hulk and Namor. With the battle spreading, the Avengers not in the tournament fight to drain enough power from the Phoenix herself to bring her down. Unfortunately, Thor is against the plan and finds himself in opposition to his team because of his personal connection.

When a being emerges to take the power from the combatants, they each find themselves facing a being of intense power. As Thor searches for answers from his mother, their time becomes limited when the new Phoenix emerges. One who fell and was reborn. One who will receive a personal message from another who has a history with the Phoenix and both its blessings and difficulties.

The Rundown: A truly satisfying conclusion to an epic and entertaining storyline. Jason Aaron delivers great dialogue and character moments throughout. The fights are epic both in scale and scope. There is an intensity to the plot that is entertaining. What brings the story home is the revelation of the new Phoenix and how her journey will continue. It’s a great conclusion that highlights some ripple effects that I can’t wait to see explored.

The Art: Garron delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The details in the panels are eye-catching and the battles were visually epic.

Avengers #44



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