Avengers #37

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Javier Garron

Colors by Jason Keith

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The Age of Khonshu will come to a violent end, but a bigger threat is looming.

Khonshu confronts Iron Man and Captain Marvel in deep space as the two heroes work to protect the baby Starbrand. As the moon god prepares to take the power from the baby, he is interrupted by Moon Knight fused with the power of the Phoenix force. As Spector fights against his former master, he releases the power of Thor, who is not happy.

Khonshu finds himself back on Earth and confronted by Black Panther, who leads his team in an assault to retrieve their powers and stop Khonshu once and for all. Unfortunately, the threat of Mephisto still remains and Moon Knight’s connection to the Phoenix force will attract the attention of a couple of familiar faces.

The Story: Jason Aaron delivers a satisfying conclusion to this story arc. There’s some great action throughout and the dialogue is great as well. Aaron reminds the reader why this team is so dynamic and powerful. He also has fun with the characters and the dialogue and that is a great balance to the serious tone of the story and its stakes.

The Art: Javier Garron has some powerful imagery in this issue. The action is great, especially the fight between Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Khonshu. All of those scenes are framed brilliantly. Garron doesn’t let up on the spectacle when the action returns to Earth and the final confrontation between the moon god’s forces and the Avengers is visually fantastic.

Avengers #37



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