With the small screen success of reboots of popular films like Lethal Weapon on Fox and Westworld on HBO, the list of potential new shows continues to grow.

According to sources, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is preparing to bring James Cameron’s immensely popular 1994 action comedy True Lies to television as a new series.


The original film of True Lies was directed by James Cameron and told the story of secret agent Harry Tasker (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). Harry’s life is filled with action, adventure and intrigue, but his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) and daughter Dana (Eliza Dushku) believe he lives the life of a boring computer salesman. When Helen gets roped into a fake espionage plot started by a sleazy car salesman, Harry decides to give his wife the excitement that she craves, unwittingly merging his personal and professional lives in a manner that could get them both killed.


No word on details of the Marc Guggenheim version, but he will write and executive produce the series along with Cameron and McG, who will direct the pilot for 20th Century Fox.

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