Arkham City: Order of the World #6

DC Comics

Written by Dan Waters

Art by Dani

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Aditka Bidikar

The Rundown: Dr. Joy attempts to stop Dr. Pyg from releasing a deadly enemy.

Dr. Joy recounts her time as a member of Dr. Pyg’s staff. When she discovers his latest plot, Dr. Joy tries to convince her patients to help prevent someone dangerous from wreaking havoc in the asylum. Soon, Dr. Pyg sets free his most deadly patient and chaos ensues. Later, the GCPD arrive. Then, an attempt to arrest the Ten Fingered Man turns violent, leaving Dr. Joy in an unexpected predicament.

The Story: Waters crafts a well done and meaningful ending to this interesting series. I like the way the story neatly wrapped up the plotline while leaving an opening for a sequel in the same universe. Although Dr. Joy’s recognition of her own predicament was fulfilling, I was heartbroken by the way her ultimate wish was granted. I’m sad this story is complete, but I look forward to more works by the members of this creative team.

The Art: The artwork in this issue gives off an eerie vibe that matches the mood of the tale. The colorwork is reminiscent of newsprint and detailed, yet distorted drawings create an otherworldly imagery that is captivating and transportive.

Arkham City: Order of the World #6



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