Aquamen #3

DC Comics

Written by Chuck Brown and Brandon Thomas

Art by Max Raynor

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Arthur Curry reveals stunning information to Meera while Jackson Hyde battles a dangerous adversary in Gotham City.

The story opens in Atlantis where Arthur and Black Manta work to destroy harmful equipment unbeknownst to their enemies. In the meantime, Meera has an interesting conversation with Dr. Frankenstein on Mars. Later, she confronts Arthur and Black Manta about their current actions. She then learns of surprising plan involving surface dwellers. Meanwhile, Jackson travels to Gotham City for an investigation. Upon arrival, he begins helping First-Responders put out fires in the city. Then, on his last mission, Jackson is attacked sleeper agents. Soon, he is aided by Batwoman and later asks for her assistance. Afterwards, he meets with an old enemy. Finally, just as a deadly altercation begins, Jackson receives unexpected assistance.

The Story: The third chapter of this series uncovers more of the mystery surrounding the violent Atlantean presence on the surface. It also spotlights several relationship dynamics, most notably between Meera and Arthur. I am curious how much time this series will spend regarding their relationship and how their previous situations will impact the general storyline. I am also interested in Black Manta’s presence within the narrative. His transition from enemy to ally is promising, especially as it is directly influenced by Jackson’s presence. I really enjoyed the content and world building of this episode, and I am excited to find out what happens next.

The Art: This issue contains brilliant action scenes that occur both on land and under water. The artwork does a good job of showing marked differences between the two types of locations and I found the undersea portion particularly impressive. I also felt that the brilliant colorwork and design created a visual stimulant that was particularly engaging.

Aquamen #3



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