Aquamen #2

DC Comics

Written by Chuck Brown and Brandon Thomas

Art by Sami Basri

Inks by Vincente Cifuentes

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Jackson Hyde seeks assistance from his Atlantean friends after a shocking discovery.

After a chaotic meeting with Arthur and Black Manta, Jackson reaches out to Mera for both her advice and assistance. He then calls a meeting and his “family” convenes to perform research on a surprising subject. Later, they receive pertinent information that leads to an investigation. Finally, Jackson has a conversation with Orm.

Meanwhile, in Bexley, Ohio, two detectives investigate an unusual incident. And elsewhere, Arthur and Black Manta try turn off a deadly machine.

The Story: I’m really impressed with the collaborative story telling by Brown and Thomas. They’ve seamlessly brought together two completely different writing styles as found in their separate Aquaman: The Becoming and Black Manta series. I also like how it incorporates the juxtaposition between the seasoned Arthur Curry and the novice Jackson Hyde. The two Aquamen’s opposing attributes carry both age and temperament distinctions. With Black Manta thrown in the mix, one easily sees the transition that experience brings to hero work. I’m curious to see how Jackson’s emotional nature will help or hinder the Atlantean team in the fight against their current enemies.

The Art: This colorful issue leans heavy on blue and green tones that perfectly fit the underwater adventures that are portrayed. I found the action scenes interesting, and the panels geared toward world building emotionally connective.

Aquamen #2



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