Aquaman director James Wan is returning to the sea for another project set in the DC Comics universe.

After the success of the first Aquaman film and the sequel taking shape over at Warner Brothers, Aquaman director James Wan has been busy with more projects set in the undersea world of Arthur Curry. A film exploring the terrifying Trench creatures from the first film is also in development, but Wan is producing a new animated project that will focus on Aquaman himself ahead of the next film’s release.


According to The Hollywood Reporter and others, Wan is producing the animated miniseries Aquaman: King of Atlantis for the upcoming HBO Max streaming service.

“This DC property is a fan-favorite rich with well-known characters and dynamic storylines. On the heels of Warner Bros. Pictures’ box office smash hit, we are certain Aquaman: King of Atlantis will be an exciting addition to our already robust slate of kids and family programming,” said HBO Max head of original content Sarah Aubrey.

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The three episode miniseries will reportedly take place during Aquaman’s initial first days on the throne of Atlantis where the new king finds ruling harder than he imagined especially with the threat of his half-brother and the surface looming. Arthur will have to turn to his advisers Vulko and Mera to learn new skills that will allow him to rule the kingdom successfully.

No word on whether Jason Mamoa or the rest of the film’s cast will provide the voices for their animated counterparts, but we will continue to follow the production to find out.

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