Aquaman #64

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by Miguel Mendonca

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Atlantis is at war and Ocean Master shows his true colors.

What was meant to be a wedding celebration has turned into an all out brawl as the reforms that Mera decided to implement draw the ire of Ocean Master and the assembled rulers of the undersea kingdoms. With Orm’s army at the gates, Mera finds herself captured and turning to an unexpected source for help, Dolphin.

With Orm becoming more unhinged, Nereus steps in to fight by Ocean Master’s side. With Aquaman surrounded, he decides to press the attack as best he can, but pushing Orm over the edge of sanity. With the war raging throughout the city, Arthur will put his life on the line to protect his love and the people of Atlantis.

The Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick gets the story back on track by raising the stakes and the action in this issue. The plot moves beautifully and the story continues to be engaging, especially the fight between Arthur and Orm. Their confrontation is well done and the other conflicts are equally compelling. With a great cliffhanger ending, DeConnick has me invested in what happens next.

The Art: Miguel Mendonca’s beautiful art adds another layer to this story. The action is brilliantly done and brings the reader into the story with energy and great details.

Aquaman #64



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