AQM_Cv47Aquaman #47

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by Robson Rocha

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Sunny Gho

Letters by Clayton Cowles

It is the final battle against Namma and Arthur is going to need the help of the Old Gods if he has any chance of stopping the creature from killing all life on Earth.


Taking the form of a giant sea dragon, Namma is laying waste to everything around her and Aquaman is the only one fighting to stop her rampage. Still under the effects of amnesia, he is unaware of his true power, but that doesn’t mean his powers are gone. He pushes out with a call that reverberates across the sea and the creatures of it heed his call. Not only do the creatures respond, but the Old Gods come to his aid as well.

Knowing that they can’t defeat the creature on their own, they decide that a desperate decision must be made and they sacrifice themselves to their rampaging mother in an attempt to satiate her. Unable to stop his friends from their act, Arthur comes to the realization that the sacrifice they made might be exactly what he needs to stop Namma once and for all, but will his next move also doom the people who promised to help him find the answers about who he really is?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable issue that wraps up this part of Arthur’s story nicely. Kelly Sue DeConnick fills this issue with great dialogue and stakes. The pace of the story is great. It doesn’t move too fast that you miss what it’s trying to accomplish for the characters and it isn’t so slow that you can’t feel the tension the story is portraying. There is a great balance to the storytelling and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next for Arthur.

Robson Rocha’s art is fantastically detailed and beautiful. Loved every panel.

Aquaman #47




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