STL109334Aquaman #45

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by Robson Rocha

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Sunny Gho

Letters by Clayton Cowles

A story of myth and legend will drive Arthur to deliver Caille to her mother. A decision that could destroy the world.


Arthur is still unaware of who he is and what his life was like before washing up on the island. In order to get the answers he seeks, he has to deliver Caille to her mother in order to get the sea-god to stop killing all the fish.

As the pair set off on their journey, Arthur is no longer afraid of the ocean. Renewed in his connection to the sea, he wants answers to the mysterious redhead that he saw in a vision. Answers that will become even harder to get when a violent sea begins to attack the boat.

At the same time as the pair go on their journey, the true story of Caille and her mother is revealed. A story that puts Arthur on a collision course with possible destruction.

Kelly Sue DeConnick really nails the drama and tension in this issue. Cutting together the story of Namma and Arthur’s journey with Caille is brilliant and that story works on every level. It is dramatic and engaging while also being exciting and tense. I really enjoyed this issue a lot and can’t wait to see where the story goes next after the stories merge together.

Robson Rocha’s art is beautiful. The rendering of the sea is gorgeous and the character details are amazing. I really enjoyed the look of this issue immensely.

Aquaman #45




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