AQM_Cv41Aquaman #41

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Lan Medina

Inks by Vicente Cifuentes

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Steve Wands

The events of Dark Knights Metal have raised Atlantis back to the surface and as the people of the once underwater kingdom get used to the change in their fortunes, a new threat emerges from the deep. Drowned Earth continues in this issue as Mera must fight to defend Atlantis when the flood waters from the alien invasion begin to mutate the citizens. After finding a way to shield Atlantis from the effects of the flood, she tries to contact Arthur for help.


With the rest of the Justice League separated and Arthur in the hands of the galactic gods of the deep, Mera is finally able to get in contact with a member of the League, a crippled and healing Batman. As he works to establish communications, he reminds Mera that her commitment to Atlantis can’t end at its borders with this problem. A point that will become painfully clear when her defenses break and she needs to seek help from someone she despises.

Dan Abnett does a great job of taking this story and tying it to the larger Drowned Earth arc in a way that keeps the humanity and the stakes to the people in the forefront. I wondered how a drowned earth would affect the people of Atlantis and this issue shows that all the people of the planet are in the same fight. The issue is well paced and the reveal at the end of the issue is good too.

Medina’s art in the issue is great and I continue to be a fan of how he draws characters, especially their facial features and expressions. Can’t wait to see where Drowned Earth goes next.

Aquaman #41




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