Antarctica #8

Image Comics

Written by Simon Birks

Art by Willi Roberts

Colors by Willi Roberts

Letters by Lyndon White

The Rundown: Gohel will attempt to stop the base from using Hannah for their experiments.

After freeing Hannah, Gohel and Jerome attempt to find the girl who has discovered another version of herself that she is unable to release from stasis. At the same time, Gohel’s past is revealed including her specialty and how it can be used for the project.

When Symonds finds and captures Hannah, Gohel and her father discover what they have in mind for the girl and must do everything they can to stop a deadly experiment before it’s too late.

The Story: Birks continues to add beautifully compelling and entertaining layers to this story. The lore of the story continues to grow, evolve and change in ways that kept me riveted. This issue is action packed while also giving great backstory and expanding the lore with new elements that make me hungry for more. I loved the end of this issue and how it creates something new and interesting for Hannah as a character.

The Art: Roberts’ art is fantastic. The visuals transport the reader into the frigid world of the story as well as showcase the moments of emotion and suspense in the characters.

Antarctica #8



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