Ant-Man #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Dylan Burnett

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Ant-Man’s investigation into Macrothrax will take him to some strange places as he attempts to deal with a personal matter.


Scott has managed to escape back to the ant hill but Cassie has some bad news that Scott doesn’t want to hear. In an attempt to keep her from leaving Florida, Ant-Man decides to make her part of the investigation and calls on some old friends to help. Old friends in the form of the Avengers.

After getting the information he needs and some upgrades to their gear, Scott and Cassie head to New York to meet up with Spider-Man and Black Cat to uncover the fate of a former Hero For Hire that might be at the heart of the bug invasion.

The Story: Zeb Wells does a great job of mixing action and humor in this issue. The dynamic between Scott and Cassie takes center stage as Scott’s attempts to impress his daughter play out in comical ways throughout the story. The impeding threat takes a little too much of a back seat in this issue, but it does assert itself when the plot pivots to the possible source of the villain itself. It was interesting to see that play out and the story itself made me interested in seeing where it goes next.

The Art: Dylan Burnett’s style is perfect for this character and the world this story takes place in. As serious as the threat is, the story takes a light, fun approach to the events and Burnett’s style of art works perfectly with that.

Ant-Man #3




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