Anyone who has been following Marvel’s latest huge event Secret Empire has been reeling from the news that another hero has joined Steve Rogers and Hydra in the latest issue of Secret Empire. I warn you now that there are spoilers ahead for this months issue.

As the resistance heroes venture out across the globe searching for the shards of the Cosmic Cube, Black Widow and Maria Hill are training the Champions to take down someone with lethal force if necessary. Widow enlists Boomerang for a mission to procure personal information regarding Rogers’ movements as Steve and his Dark Avengers travel to Atlantis to find another shard.

After getting Steve’s social schedule, the newest powerful crime boss wakes up to find a bomb in his bathroom. After it detonates, the finds himself looking up at the newest member of Hydra: Frank Castle.


Castle’s turn can’t be that shocking if you really think about it. He’s always been about law and order and Hydra has taken a deadly stance when it comes to criminals and punishment. He’s also been an admirer of Steve Rogers for years and would jump at the chance to be Steve’s secret assassin. It will be interesting to see what happens when Frank and Natasha comes face to face.

Let me know what you think. Are you following Secret Empire? What are your impressions?

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