After being deemed unworthy by words uttered by Nick Fury, Thor Odinson has been on a mission of personal redemption. A mission that has him guarding the Ultimate Universe’s Mjolnir against attempts to retrieve it from Thanos and others.

With the arrival of Jane Foster, Odinson has had to deal with other issues, including confessions of his many trysts while he and Jane were in a relationship as well as the realization that Jane is dying from cancer and might not be able to give up being Thor.


At the same time Volstaag is dealing with the aftermath of an atrocity that kills a mine full of elf childrenĀ and comes to a realization about the universe, his place in it and how he’s now fueled by rage. In a move that is completely unexpected, Volstaag picks up Ultimate Thor’s hammer and becomes the new Ultimate Thor.


All of this leads me to think that maybe the threshold for worthiness to weild Mjolnir is not as high as we’ve been led to believe and poor Thor Odinson cannot catch a break.

The Mighty Thor #20 is in stores now and available on Digital.

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