Everyone loves award shows and everyone loves to complain about who wins and cheer for their favorites. I’ve gotten the pleasure of being able to watch an awful lot of anime this year  and am stoked to tell you what I thought about the winners!

Best Opening Sequence


Winner: KISS OF DEATH by Mika Nakashima x Hyde—DARLING in the FRANXX

Holy balls! The opening to Darling in the Franxx was the best thing about the series. I never skipped that intro on Netflix it was beautiful and the song was a banger. It’s so beautiful and I love when the characters from the show say the lyrics in the opening I have no idea why.

Best Ending Sequence 

Winner: “Akatsuki no Requiem” by Linked Horizon—Attack on Titan Season 3

I didn’t like Attack on Titan at first I had to start it multiple times but I finally caught up and the end of this seasons show was crazy good with swelling chorus and orchestrated music. it’s an appropriate ending to such an intense show about giant cannibals.

BEST BOY: IZUKU MIDORIYA from My Hero Academia 


I am a  Midoriya fan boy since I first hit play on the show on funimation and he IS MY FAVORITE and I literally WOO-ED at this but Kotaro was a close second he was amazingly funny and the best part of zombie land saga. Right on the money.

BEST GIRL: Mai Sakurajima—Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


Every anime fan who has been this show has fallen in love with this strangely named shows female lead. If you haven’t seen this show it’s on funimation (No dub as of yet) and you’ll dream of Mai once you finish it.

Best Japanese Voice Actor


Winner: Mamoru Miyano as Kotaro Tatsumi—Zombie Land Saga

KOTARO TATSUMI is the best character on this rather weird show about a bunch of zombie girls becoming pop stars to save their town. It’s a wild premise and if you watch it subbed you can tell Miyano had a blast playing this character as he screams and curses his girls to pop stardom.

Best English Voice Actor Performance


Winner: Christopher Sabat as All Might—My Hero Academia Season 3

YES! I am an ALL-MIGHT fan boy. Christopher Sabat puts in the work to make him sound like every line is truly Sabat’s and has reduced me to tears quite a few times. Strong or de-powered every part of this performance has stood out to me.

Best Fight Scene

maxresdefault (1)

Winner: All for One vs. All Might—My Hero Academia Season 3

The final showdown between all might and all for one is a non stop emotional rollercoaster from the sort of shocking reveal to the huge display of power from both fighters. Seeing the children’s reactions  to the carnage and how all might used his power so cleverly was a highlight of an amazing season.

Side note: I was hoping the Yami vs Licht fight from black clover would win but it was nice to see it nominated.

Best Protagonist

maxresdefault (2)

Winner: Rimuru Tempest—That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

I LOVE THIS SHOW. Usually the “trapped in another world” aka isseki genre is boring and the main character is such a let down, but Rimuru used to be a man who was a 38-year-old virgin who was stabbed and died in the street then woke up in a fantasy video game type world full of monsters and magic. As a slime he can absorb the powers of those he eats and stores in his slime stomach. He always tries to look for a way not to fight and his reaction to learning that hot female elves are real is one of the funniest in anime.

Best Antagonist

maxresdefault (4)

Winner: All For One—My Hero Academia Season 3

I remember the moment I started to hate All For One. For some reason when he stole one of the pro heroes Quirk named rag doll I immediately detested him and his strange appearance and shocking level of power which he acquired while being a slimeball just makes him a villain you love to see all might UNITED STATES OF SMASH this guy.

Best Animation


Winner: Violet Evergarden—Kyoto Animation
I watched violet evergarden on Netflix the day it came out just because the trailer that plays when you are reading about it and even THAT small bit was eye-popping. I keep wondering how anime is going to progress visually and I hope it’s like this. This show rivaled most big blockbuster movies in animation quality.  The story was pretty touching as well.

Best Character Design


Winner: JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind—Designs by Takahiro Kashida Based on Original Designs by Hirohiko Araki

HOLY S$%T IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?! What can you say about the JoJo series except the designs for each character and stand are always amazing cool and a little bizarre.

BEST Continuing Series


Winner: Dragon Ball Super—Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super is a fitting return to the dragon ball universe with more power higher stakes and more colors! The inclusion of Goku Black and the tournament of universes (Some great new characters and a FEMALE SUPER SAIYAN?! It’s about time!) Plus android 17 is a boss.

Best Director


Winner: Masaaki Yuasa—Devilman Crybaby

This award was totally deserved the direction in devilman crybaby is freaking amazing. Everything about it screams cool and violence has never looked so crazy and shocking.

Best Film

maxresdefault (5)

Winner: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes—BONES

I took my best friend who has only seen My Hero Academia and no other anime to see this in Las Vegas and we loved it. The inclusion of All-Mights partner and his partners daughter and a bit of his time in America has me excited for the return of the show. I really hope Melissa becomes part of the actual show one day and the ending was jaw dropping.



Winner: Devilman Crybaby—Science SARU

I really enjoyed Devilman but the anime of the year to me was A PLACE FURTHER THAN THE UNIVERSE by madhouse and it’s hard to feel like Devilman Crybaby didn’t deserve this win.

That’s what I thought of the Anime Award winners this year and what are your thoughts? Was it right on the money or did you feel your favorite got robbed?

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