An Unkindness of Ravens #2

Written by Dan Panosian

Art by Marianna Ignazzi

Colors by Fabiana Mascolo

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

The Rundown: As the factions vying for Wilma’s attention continue to seek her out, a bigger mystery is emerging.

Wilma has only been town a short while and she’s already the subject of attention from not only the most popular girl in school, but also the school outcasts. After her first meeting with the Ravens, she is contacted by popular student Scarlett who wants to hang out with her. Apprehensive at first, she finds that Scarlett’s attractive brother might be worth spending time with the girl.

Meanwhile, the Ravens catch up to her and warn her about spending time with Scarlett. As Wilma continues to be confused by all the attention, the Ravens show her that she has a connection not only to the missing girl, but also to them as well.

The Story: The mysteries being introduced and developed in this issue are well done. Dan Panosian crafts an entertaining and engaging story mostly through engaging characters and familiar situations. There is a uniqueness to the story and that makes it entertaining.

The Art: Marianna Ignazzi delivers some fun art in this issue. I continue to be impressed with the style and how its light tone contrasts the seriousness of the story.

An Unkindness of Ravens #2



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