American Vampire 1976 #8

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: In the aftermath of betrayal, Skinner thinks of his life as the threat of the Beast continues to grow.

Skinner and the rest of the group have been betrayed by Book and with time running out for him, he tries to save Dolly with the only think he has left to offer, his blood. As he slips into the darkness thinking this is his end, the return of a familiar face shows him that its not over yet. After finding out that Dolly is still alive, they both realize that Book has everything he needs to bring the Beast into our world starting with a host for the creature. More information about the Beast is revealed and Skinner’s attempt to comfort Dolly backfires when the subject of his mortality comes into play.

Book has procured the human host for the Beast in the form of Mimiteh. With the creature’s minions in place around the country preparing for its rise, the host is the last piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, something goes wrong in the ceremony. Something that will put the burden of host on another as Skinner makes a decision about his future.

The Story: Filled with tension and darkness, Scott Snyder takes the reader on a dark journey with these characters and does a brilliant job of peppering that tale with betrayal, danger and twists. One of the things I enjoyed about this issue and the story is the twists and turns that the plot takes because it makes everything feel fresh and original. Snyder does a great job of making the reader think one thing about characters like Skinner and then doing something unexpected that is not still part of the character, but opens up new avenues to explore.

The Art: Rafael Albuquerque delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The characters look amazing and the creatures are scary. I love the sequence where the power of the Beast begins to rise and how ominous each panel looks.

American Vampire 1976 #8



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