Amazons Attack #4

DC Comics

Written by Josie Campbell

Art by Vasco Georgiev

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: The Amazons face more danger as Mary Marvel fights for her life.

Yara makes her way to Brazil and an Amazon safe house that is empty except for an ominous blood covered message on the walls. At the same time, Nubia and Faruka discover a dead god and Nubia finds herself trapped in a memory that involves Io, Hippolyta and an unseen person who is the cause of the destruction of the island.

Yara finds herself surprised by Cassie and the pair have to fight their way out of a trap as the rest of the world continues to turn on Amazons. At Belle Reve, Mary has to avoid using her powers as she tries to keep from being killed by Count Vertigo.

The Story: An entertaining and thrilling story that has some great action throughout and a compelling story that continues to create an interesting new dynamic for the Amazons in the DC universe. As entertaining as the story is, the only aspect that continues to grate on me is the desire to make me think that Peacemaker is some kind of credible threat beyond being the C list clown that he actually is.

The Art: Georgiev delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The story takes place is different locations with different narrative themes and the art delivers on the tone and mood of each place beautifully.

Amazons Attack #4



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