The television adaptation of Aaron Mahnke’s podcast Lore launched last year on Amazon Prime and there is news about the fate of the series.


According to multiple sources, Amazon has renewed the series for a second season on the streaming service. Lore is an anthology series that deals with the folklore and fables that make up our modern mythology. Every two weeks, Mahnke would tell his brand of fireside ghost stories about creatures and the supernatural from around the world and how those stories still permeate our existence to this day.

The first season of the series featured episodes involving a supposedly possessed doll, a poltergeist haunting and the murder of a wife by a husband convinced that his love was carried off by fairies and replaced. The first season had some impressive sci-fi pedigree at the helm with writer/producer Glen Morgan (The X-Files) as showrunner.


The new season of the series will feature episodes that draw directly from existing episodes of the podcast as well as new stories written directly for the series. The showrunner for season two will be Sean Crouch, known for his work on the series Helix and Numbers.

No word yet on when the series will air on Amazon Prime, but the second season is set to begin filming this April.

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