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The Amazing Spider-Man #791

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Stuant Immonen

Inks by Wade von Grawbadger

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna

Fall of Parker Part Three

At the Waterfront, Spider-Man and Mockingbird are taking out a group of thugs who are trying to break into shipping containers and Spidey is restless and wanting to get back home. After the fall of his company, Peter Parker has been lying low and staying at the apartment of his girlfriend Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird. Even the prospect of spending the night with Bobbi can’t distract Peter from the fact that his life is starting to turn around again and he has a new job to prove it. The next morning, Peter puts on his Spider-Man costume and heads off to work with Bobbi painfully aware that he is spending more time these days as his alter-ego than as himself.


Peter arrives at his first staff meeting and is given the lay of the land by Robbie, including the introduction of his new office as Science Editor at the Daily Bugle. He’s told about his responsibilities and the flexibility his role allows right before being introduced to his new staff, who are not shy about letting him know about their resentment to his hiring. In upstate New York, Bobbi has been hired to design a security system for Humanitech Robotics. When Peter and Bobbi discuss their respective days, Bobbi gets the Bugle an exclusive interview with Humanitech’s Xander Zynn.

As the staff tours the facility and is given access to the new AI robots that Zynn is creating, Peter gets the sense that something is wrong with the robots right before one tries to attack a member of Peter’s staff. The incident prompts a late night visit from Peter and Bobbi in their work clothes and their jaunt in the lab releases an intelligence that is anything but artificial.

Peter and Bobbi have a really fun and playful chemistry and I like seeing their relationship develop. It’s also nice to see Peter get into a situation that is serious, but not Earth shattering for a change because it allows the reader to remember what they like about the character as well as his abilities and heroics. Slott has made a fun arc with the Fall of Parker and the twists that seem to be coming involving many of the side characters are intriguing. Immonen’s artwork is fantastic and I love the way he composes a panel, especially and entire page of them. This book is starting to be a must read for me.

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