C126380.jpgAmazing Spider-Man #789

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Stuart Immonen

Ink by Wade von Grawbadger

Color by Marte Gracia

Fall of Parker Part One

The infamous Parker Luck has returned in spades as the one time billionaire CEO of Parker Industries finds himself sleeping on Mockingbird’s couch while he’s in hiding from the world. As he clicks through media coverage of everyone calling him a loser, he gets a call from Harry Osborn. A call he continues to ignore. On the other line, Harry and Liz are rekindling their relationship as they plan for things with their mutual friends.


Peter decides to confront Robbie at the Daily Bugle after a not so flattering story about him is put on the front page. After he confronts Robbie in the newsroom, Peter comes to some painful truths about himself and the choices he made. As he leaves, he gives some information to the Bugle’s science editor that ignites Robbie’s instincts as a reporter.

As Peter leaves the building it becomes more apparent that his secret identity is becoming more of a liability than being Spider-Man. A moment that pretty much encapsulates the arc of this issue. As he tries to look in on his old friends at Flash Thompson’s party, he listens to what they have to say and it sends him back to Bobbie’s couch where the returning hero decides that the best thing to break Parker out of his rut is to take him on patrol.


Unfortunately, even Spidey can’t catch a break from the public as he and Mockingbird take on Griffin in the middle of the city.

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up an issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Admittedly, I was not a fan of the Superior Spider-Man arc and I stayed away from the book during and after that period, but I decided to pick up this issue to see if it could help me remember what I loved about the character and it did. I have no desire to see Peter at his lowest, but Peter’s struggle has always been what gives the character heart and his actions meaning. What I found encouraging was that even when Peter was down, he always has a glimmer of hope. That’s what I want from a comic character with a legacy this long and enduring.

I might have to pick up the next issue to see what happens next.

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