The Amazing Spider-Man #34

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Patrick Gleason

Colors by Matthew Wilson, Dee Cunniffe and Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Miguel O’Hara has finally escaped from Roxxon and is on the run, but his encounter with Spider-Man could mean Doom for the present and the future.


Miguel is on the run. His memories coming in fits and starts, he is determined to find Spider-Man because Doom sent him back to fix the future.

Peter finds himself teamed with a fellow student on a new project that could predict the future itself, but an assassination attempt on Doctor Doom will require Spider-Man to spring into action. When he arrives on the scene, he will find that there is more to the attempt than he knows and Miguel’s arrival will signal a full on invasion of the city.

The Story: After waiting for multiple issues for both Spider-Men to finally meet up, this issue was a bit of a let down. Both sides of the story have entertaining and engaging aspects to them, but the moment Doom is brought into the mix, everything else falls to the side. I know the characters is integral to the plot, but I think a longer interaction between Peter and Miguel would have better served the story. Doom has an overpowering presence and he dominates this comic in a way where the main characters fade in the background.  There is a lot to like about this issue, but the story had issues with focus.

The Art: Patrick Gleason’s art is fantastic. There are a lot of great visual moments throughout the issue and the conclusion is filled with eye-popping action.

The Amazing Spider-Man #34




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